Sony PSP DLC List (PSP Downloadable content)

These are Direct Download links for Sony PlayStation Portable Downloadable Content / PSP DLC. This list is the biggest and most complete list of Playstation Portable Games with Downloadable content on the web.The DLC can be used in both PSP Consoles and PPSSPP emulator. First make sure you understand how to use the DLC files following the guide linked below:

Tutorial: How to use DLC


  • Usually same DLC will work for all regions of the game provided you change the DLC folder to match your game ID (without dashes “-“).
  • For most games copy the DLC folder on the GAME folder but for some it needs to be placed on the SAVEDATA folder, always check the readme for details.
  • Some games you’ll need to progress or even finish before the DLC becomes available.


  • Malckyor for Uploading and sharing DLC with me to put it here. Hell of a job man!
  • Lorath for buying tons of EU DLC, collecting it and sharing them.

If you have a DLC we don’t or have DLC INFO we miss and want to share it, please contact us.

See readme. 77 MB
Includes the complete Photo Clock and the Super Rare trading cards set. 42.7 MB
Expand 1.13 GB
Expand 4.35 MB
Blue, Gold & Red Chapters 695 KB
No Info 24 KB
Expand 8.83 MB
No Info.
Install to \PSP\SAVEDATA\
537 KB
Includes 8 addons with new dialogs and bonus scenarios. 184 KB
Expand 142 KB
Expand 11.7 MB
Expand 27.6 KB
You can have early access to Stage 36 after you reach stage 15. 260 KB
  • Carnival Point (track)
  • Red Gate (track)
3.61 MB
Expand 810 KB
Expand 144 MB
Expand 777 MB
Expand 458 MB
Expand 9.44 MB
Includes a small batch pre-made characters and items. 867 KB
Expand 4.59 MB
Expand 3.51 MB
Expand 224 KB
Includes all new content updated as of February 1st 2013. See readme. 221 MB
Expand 65.4 MB
Platinum Crew Patch and other stuff see readme. 232 MB
Lots of stuff see readme. 179 MB
Expand 1.90 MB
Expand 244 KB
No Info 33.9 MB
Expand 1.94 MB
Expand 260 KB
Expand 729 KB
Expand 1.66 MB
Expand 13.5 MB
Expand 2.03 KB
Includes 19 multiplayer maps. 41 MB
Expand 11 MB
Expand 14 MB
Includes a new scenario. 262 KB
Expand 411 KB
Expand 18.1 KB
Expand 417 KB
Expand 23.5 MB
Includes the addon pack v1.6 with new quests and challenges, and the v1.01 update. 24.6 MB
For v1.40 ISO only and PSP Consoles only. See readme for details. 397 MB
For v1.40 ISO only and PPSSPP Emulator only. See readme for details. 174 MB
Expand 57.4 KB
Expand 27.9 KB
2 Sets of tracks, Install to SAVEDATA. You can't use both sets at the same time. 3.93 MB
Expand 73.1 KB
Expand 1.45 MB
Expand 79.8 MB
Expand 49.2 MB
Expand 175 MB
Expand 211 MB
Expand 4.79 MB
Expand 4.44 MB
Includes a new sub-scenario. 1.53 MB
Includes 3 guest characters and 6 rare cards. 242 KB
Includes various new questions. 98.5 KB
70 extra mini-games. See readme for instructions. 8.80 MB
Includes 23 original soccer players. 20.3 MB
Expand 59.3 KB
Includes new scenarios and characters. 643 KB
Too much to list, see the readme. 221 MB
Includes an extra scenario. 1.39 MB
Expand 3.87 MB
Includes two extra scenarios. 2.53 MB
Expand 457 KB
Expand 2.64 MB
Expand 3.64 MB
Expand 4.47 MB
Expand 44.3 MB
Expand 6.60 MB
Expand 243 KB
Includes early unlocks for some characters. 175 MB
Includes the Chitose Route addon. 269 MB
Roster updated as of 22/09/2009.
Install to: \PSP\SAVEDATA\
255 KB
Post-Lockout Roster update.
Install to: \PSP\SAVEDATA\
254 KB
Expand 222 MB
Expand 399 KB
No Info 2.87 MB
No Info 232 KB
Expand 3.19 MB
Expand 3.72 MB
Expand 47.4 MB
Unlocks Leona character. 261 KB
Expand 14 MB
Expand 2.62 MB
Includes Mirage Rapide (Rally Car) & Various new skins. 307 KB
Has all stages up to date. All wallpapers. All BGM and Weapons. 97.6 MB
Includes 9 addons. 86.6 MB
Expand 340 KB
Includes 10 new missions. 223 KB
Add four new missions. 229 KB
Expand 621 KB
Includes the roster updated as of 09/2012 with teams' new signings, trades and releases. 815 KB
Includes the roster updated as of 01/2013 with teams' new signings, trades and releases. 812 KB
Expand 715 KB
Roster updated as of 12/07/2012 491 KB
Includes various addons and the v1.01 update. 20.2 MB
Includes new dungeons, classes/jobs, system powerups, and other special packs. 141 MB
Expand 13.3 MB
Expand 1.98 MB
Expand 78.7 KB
Tons of stuff! too long to list here, read the readme. 35.4 MB
Expand 1.70 MB
Expand 209 MB
Expand 3.24 MB
Includes 60 new songs and the v1.02 update. See readme for details. 348 MB
Expand 1.52 MB
Expand 976 KB
No Info 742 KB
Expand 1.78 MB
Expand 107 KB
Expand 28.9 KB
Expand 207 KB
Expand 692 MB
Includes 4 addons. 25.5 MB
Includes new items and quests. And v1.02 857 MB
No Info. 263 KB
Includes 138 costumes for various characters. 18.3 MB
Expand 655 KB
Includes 14 new items. Also includes the v1.02 update. 5.31 MB
Includes various costumes and music tracks from old chapters of the series. 23.6 MB
Includes 6 BGM packs. 55 MB
Expand 1.17 MB
Expand 255 KB
Expand 7.38 MB
Expand 18.7 MB
Expand 622 MB
Expand 276 KB
Swimsuit armor for the girls. Optional v1.01 update also included. 7.22 MB
Expand 220 KB
Includes 22 new songs. Install to: ms0:\PSP\SAVEDATA\ 34.1 MB
Includes 44 new songs. Install: ms0:\PSP\SAVEDATA\ 86.6 MB
Includes 105 new songs and other stuff. Install: ms0:\PSP\GAME\ 161 MB
Expand 374 KB
First Print DLC: The World is All One!! 60.7 MB
Expand 168 MB
Includes 4 new addons. 8.46 MB
No Info Install to PSP\SAVEDATA\ 46.3 KB
Includes 15 addons. 51.5 MB
Expand 42.2 MB
If you use English Patched ISO can't use v1.07 DLC so use this v1.06 instead. 35.1 MB
Includes v1.07 Update for non-PSP owners and DLC. See readme. 49.1 MB
Expand 4.38 MB
No Info 4.57 MB
Expand 1.85 MB
+23 missions and tons of stuff, includes SAVEDATA for unlockables. 41.1 MB
Expand 416 KB
Expand 437 KB
Expand 427 KB
Includes a new secretary and a costume pack.
Note: This might be incomplete.
420 KB
Expand 29 MB
Too much to list see readme.txt inside the pack. 282 MB
Expand 4.19 MB
Includes various items. 27.2 MB
Includes the Ole! Pack. 1.09 MB
Expand 324 KB
Expand 11.6 KB
Expand 6.56 KB
Expand 11.6 KB
Expand 16.8 KB
Expand 18.4 KB
Expand 25.1 KB
Expand 20.5 KB
Expand 343 KB

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