Gladiator Begins (USA+DLC) PSP ISO

Download Gladiator Begins ROM/ISO for the PlayStation Portable. The game ROM file comes in ISO format. This game ID is ULUS-10528. It's the USA version and comes in English language.

Gladiator Begins
Game Name:Gladiator Begins
Scene Release:Gladiator_Begins_USA_PSP-BAHAMUT
Console:PlayStation Portable
Release Date:2010-09-13
Image Format:ISO
Game ID:ULUS-10528
Users Score:
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Gladiator Begins is a Action video game published by Acquire released on September 13, 2010 for the PlayStation Portable.

Review by BloodOnTheDF:

avatar=411_.jpgAre you not entertained?
Play this game and you are gonna be entertained. What is this game exactly? You can call it a Gladiator simulator. You have to create your own slave and then you are ready for being sold and prepare to make your way on Roman battle scene. Your principal objective is to be the best gladiator among all slaves and win your freedom. The most attractive aspect of this game is the greatly complex and deep customization system. You can customize any aspect of your fighter and also create new battle styles by combining different types of fighting. You can obtain weapons and equipment by buying them or obtain them as a bounty by stripping your opponents. You can also sell your equipment, use them, or upgrade them in a pretty neat refining system so acquiring them will be a main aspect in this game. Relationships are also important here since you will have to take right decisions to gain important people’s confidence and raise your name among other battlers.
Satisfy the Colosseum and make your way to freedom in this bloodbath trip called “Gladiator Begins”.

PROTIPS: *After winning battles you gain some upgrade points to raise your fighter stats. Take a look at them very often
*Save the game before entering any battle. This will help you to analyze your enemy’s fighting style and decide which equipment use to defeat him on those 1v1 tough battles
*Try to master parry system. This will raise greatly your appeal to audience. They prefer a balanced fighter rather than a skull bashing zombie.


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Download Size: 243 MB

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MEGA: b-gbu.rar
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