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    Game Name: PaRappa The Rapper
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    Console:Sony PlayStation Portable
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    Disc ID:UCES-00775
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    PaRappa The Rapper is a Rhythm video game published by Sony released on July 6, 2007 for the Sony PlayStation Portable.

    Review by BloodOnTheDF:

    BloodOnTheDF_Avatar-What you gonna do, when they come?
    I gotta believe!

    And yeah, you gotta believe me. This game is a blast! (a rather short blast, but a blast nevertheless)
    In this GREAT PSX remake you will get under the skin of Parappa, a young dog rapper wannabe, and try to make fall your crush for you by showing her some killer rapping skills. You will get help of some of the funkiest teachers in your town and they will teach you different styles of rapping going from ol’ school rap to SUPAHFLY reggae. This rhythm game was a pioneer in its genre and you can consider it as a Rock Band or Gitaroo Man grandfather.
    With really catchy songs, nice visual art and great humor you will definitely enjoy this game (and trust me, you will be claiming for moar). You are the man, now! ♫

    PROTIP: Try to make some freestyling. This will get you a huge boost on your score

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