Tintin in Tibet (Europe) SNES ROM

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Game Name Tintin in Tibet
Console SNES
Game Release (27 years ago)
Publisher Infogrames
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Image Format SFC/SMC
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Tintin in Tibet is a Adventure video game published by Infogrames released on December 14th, 1995 for the SNES.

This game is based on one of the comics by Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi (Hergé). There are also other ports of this game for some of the other older consoles and handhelds. This was never released in the U.S. but there is still an English option available.

I’ve only played the beginning but basically there’s the story and throughout the boards you control Tintin and avoid objects without getting hurt. I don’t know for sure but there will probably be some problem solving puzzles too. My dad is a huge fan of this series and I watched him play the XBOX 360 game based off the Spielberg movie a few years back and it basically kind of plays the same was as that. So if you’ve played it then you know what to expect.

I came across this game and the other one I uploaded because I was looking for SNES music to download and this was in the listing with the T’s and I though it was interesting especially because I did not know these existed. Anyways, hope you enjoy this.


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