Worms Armageddon (USA) PSP Eboot

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Game Name Worms Armageddon
Console Sony PlayStation (PSX)
Game Release (22 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher Microprose
Image Format EBOOT.PBP
Game ID SLUS-00888
Downloads 2,762
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Worms Armageddon is a Action/Strategy video game published by Microprose released on November 30th, 1999 for the Sony PlayStation (PSX).

Worms Armageddon doesn't work on PSP. This is a rip version modified to work on PSP consoles (and potentially Vita). The videos were ripped and the ID was changed to "SLUS-01448" which is not Worms Armageddon but of Worms World Party ID, it is common practice to change a game ID to force the PSP to run a game that otherwise wouldn't, so don't mind that.

Thanks to Rafael Matias.-

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