Game BOX ROM Title Language Region
Trick'N Snowboarder rom
Trick'N Snowboarder English USA 168
Snowboarding rom
Snowboarding English USA 91
Rushdown rom
Rushdown English USA 195
MTV Sports: Snowboarding rom
MTV Sports: Snowboarding English USA 143
MTV Sports: Pure Ride rom
MTV Sports: Pure Ride English USA 116
Freestyle Boardin' '99 rom
Freestyle Boardin' '99 English USA 82
ESPN X-Games Pro Boarder rom
ESPN X-Games Pro Boarder English USA 107
Cool Boarders 4 rom
Cool Boarders 4 English USA 600
Cool Boarders 2001 rom
Cool Boarders 2001 English USA 335
Big Air rom
Big Air English USA 116

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