Game BOXROM TitleLanguageRegion
Soul EdgeEnglish, JapaneseJapan1,115
Street Fighter EX2 PlusEnglishJapan1,627
Street Fighter EX Plus AlphaEnglishJapan842
PepsimanEnglish, JapaneseJapan4,658
Wolf Fang: Kuhga 2001English, JapaneseJapan725
Project GaiaRayEnglishJapan235
Crisis CityEnglish, JapaneseJapan620
Metal Gear Solid IntegralEnglish, JapaneseJapan1,299
The King of Fighters '96English, Japanese, Portuguese, SpanishJapan613
The Book of WatermarksEnglish, JapaneseJapan174
Dark Hunter: Ge Youma No MoriEnglish, JapaneseJapan161
Dark Hunter: Jou Ijigen GakuenEnglish, JapaneseJapan142
Time Gal & Ninja HayateEnglishJapan526

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