Game BOXROM TitleLanguageRegion
Brave Prove (English Patched)English PatchedJapan991
Mizzurna Falls (English Patched)English Patched, SpanishJapan1,471
Kakuge-Yaro: Fighting Game Creator (English Patched)English PatchedJapan1,092
Bomberman WarsEnglish PatchedJapan707
King’s Field III: Pilot Style (English Patched)English PatchedJapan863
Asuncia: Matsue no JubakuEnglish PatchedJapan620
Persona 2: Tsumi - Innocent Sin (English Patched)English PatchedJapan1,937
Tales Of Phantasia (English Patched)English PatchedJapan5,059
King's Field (Japan) [English Patched v1.0]English PatchedJapan712
Animetic Story Game 1: Card Captor Sakura (English Patched)English PatchedJapan1,108
TearRing SagaEnglish PatchedJapan2,055
Echo Night #2: Nemuri no ShihaishaEnglish PatchedJapan810
Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere (English Patched)English PatchedJapan1,269
Brigandine: Grand Edition (English Patched)English PatchedJapan4,907
IS: Internal SectionEnglish PatchedJapan434
Cotton Original: Fantastic Night DreamsEnglish PatchedJapan1,011
Akumajou Dracula X: Gekka no Yasoukyoku (English Patched)English PatchedJapan2,815
Langrisser IV (English Patched)English PatchedJapan2,614
Front Mission 2 (English Patched)English PatchedJapan1,906
Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden (English Patched)English PatchedJapan1,694
Tobal 2 (English Patched)English PatchedJapan1,699
Genso Suiko Gaiden Vol.2: Crystal Vallet no KettouEnglish PatchedJapan511
Genso Suiko Gaiden Vol.1: Harmonia no KenshiEnglish PatchedJapan598
Bloody Bride: Imadoki no VampireEnglish PatchedJapan813
Policenauts (English Patched)English PatchedJapan4,146

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