Finger Flashing (J+English Patched) PSX ISO

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Game Name Finger Flashing
Original Title ふぃんがぁ★ふらっしんぐ
Console Sony PlayStation
Game Release (24 years ago)
Publisher Affect
Languages ,
Image Format BIN/CUE
Game ID SLPS-02158
Downloads 4,887
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Finger Flashing (ふぃんがぁ★ふらっしんぐ) is a Puzzle video game published by Affect released on July 15th, 1999 for the Sony PlayStation.

An puzzle game where you have to shoot down monster coming at you with a twist, if you hit them with the wrong button they multiply...if they touch you is game over. Once you figure which button kills what, it's fun.

This is what i gather:

  • Square button kills blue enemies.
  • X Button kills red enemies.
  • Circle button kills purple enemies.
Released By RIP Translations
Language English
Status Fully Playable
Patch Version 1.00
Release Date 21 October 2001

(Japan).bin CRC-32: 3e42a3a7

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