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Game Name Yggdra Union
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (14 years ago)
Publisher Atlus
Image Format ISO
Game ID ULUS-10368
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Yggdra Union is a Tactical RPG video game published by Atlus released on September 16th, 2008 for the PlayStation Portable.

Note: Undub for this game is not necessary, the game comes with dual audio English/Japanese that you can select before starting a new game.

Review by Blankman:

avatar=417_1409068658.jpgYggdra Union, this title may sound familiar for you that have played a game with the same title on GBA. Yep, this is the remake version of the same game, with upgrades of course. Hailing from Sting and localized by Atlus, Yggdra Union offers you a unique TRPG experience with the Union System. The Union System is a system unique to the Union Series, it’s a system where you join union with adjacent unit and fight enemies against their own union.

Enter Yggdra, a princess from Paltina that run away with the holy sword Gran Centurio after her home being invaded. Can such a frail and fair princess wrest her country back? Maybe, if you lend her your tactical finesse, that is. Intrigued? Let’s read some of the system, shall we?

The whole battle system is affected by skill cards. Each turn, you select a skill card and the skill cards decide your move limit, raw damage calculation, and usable skill on that certain turn. In a scenario, there’s a limit to how much of these skill cards you can bring, so think ahead and select card that suits your units, the situation, and your play style!

The battle of Union System is semi automatic, in which you control the aggressiveness of your troops, passive to fill the special skill bar to unleash special skills but inflict lower damage on the process of filling the bard, or go all out to expend the bar but dish out maximum damage output for that unit. Adapt to every situation and make use of your unit’s trait to it’s fullest!

All in all, i found this game challenging and fun to play. The system is unique, the story is good enough to makes you keep playing till the end, and the difficulty is just right, not really hard but hard enough to scream “daaaaaaamn”. So, will you help Yggdra regain Paltina with those tactical prowess?

Need some points for quick judgement? Here’s my opinion from 0-10 points :

Story: 7.5
Gameplay: 8.5 (I personally found this Union System to be unique)
Graphics: 8 (Fit well with the style of the game).


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