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Game Name Rewrite
Original Title リライ
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (8 years ago)
Publisher Prototype
Image Format ISO
Game ID ULJM-06364
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Rewrite (リライ) is a Visual Novel video game published by Prototype released on April 17th, 2014 for the PlayStation Portable.


This game has some sick kind of protection, as far as i know it can’t be played on a PSPGo nor PPSSPP.
The steps for playing are:

  1. Install the game with Disc 1 and exit.
  2. Run Disc 2 a message will appear in Japanese, remove the memory stick (yes you heard right) then press circle and insert it back in.
  3. The game should then start after that.

Review by Wolfzen:

Wolfzen avatarRewrite is an amazing game. For those who think this looks interesting, you can download the 7.3GB visual novel for PC.
I’m basing this off of my AMAZING experience with the PC version. As far as I know, the differences are the fact that the PSP port has a sprite for Inoue, a news reporter for the school newspaper.

Rewrite is about Tennouji Kotarou, a young man who is in high school. There are also six heroines aside from him, Lucia Konohana, Shizuru Nakatsu, Kotori Kanbe, Akane Senri, Chihaya Ohtori, and the sixth heroine, Kagari which are with him during his adventure. It’s hinted that he has super powers in the beginning.

The long common route is about his normal school life, featuring him fooling around with Yoshino Haruhiko and five of the heroines having fun, and having many choices that impact the route you enter. Once you enter a route, then the sixth heroine may appear depending on which route you enter.

Usually on the last day of the common route, there is a HUGE plot twist, and then the visual novels picks up the pace. It becomes more interesting, though there are less choices in the routes than in the common route.

The story is 9/10 in my books, which is extreme high. The CGs are also very good, a lot of them are in the routes than in the common route. High quality stuff here. The OST is something else completely. It makes you FEEL the emotions of the characters, almost. And sometimes it’s pretty funny too. There is a Gallery section, where you can view the events you’ve seen, backgrounds, and OSTs. You can also complete quests, and also make friends. Of course, if you’re a serious gamer, you must get all of them.

Work hard!

There are eight routes, all in all. Here is a list in how I recommend you complete them, and how you complete them.

To get in a character’s route, you must be nice to her. It’s pretty simple. Some routes need to be done before others can be entered.

My recommended order:
Kotori route, Shizuru route (Kotori route must be completed), Lucia route, Chihaya route, and then Akane Route (Chihaya route must be completed), then Moon and last but not least Terra (Moon and Terra are unlocked by completing all the normal heroine routes, accessible from the menu.), and then, Oppai route (trust me it’s really funny).
To get the Oppai route, complete all the quests and prove to Akane that supernatural events are real.
Read here for more help:

Make sure you have a box of tissues beside you because you’ll be bawling like a baby if you have a heart….

“Could it be rewritten, that fate of her’s?”
…of course it is. After all, you have the power to change everything.
Since the PSP version isn’t going to be translated anytime soon, this is, once again, the PC game.

  • (Disc 1).iso CRC-32: e9acb60b
  • (Disc 2).iso CRC-32: 21354bf1


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