Little Busters! Converted Edition (English Patched) PSP ISO

Little Busters! Converted Edition
Game Name:Little Busters! Converted Edition
Original Title:リトルバスターズ!Converted Edition
Scene Release:Little_Busters_Converted_Edition_JPN_PSP-Caravan
Console:PlayStation Portable
Release Date:2010-11-25
Game ID:ULJM-05790
Users Score:
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Little Busters! Converted Edition is a Visual Novel video game published by Prototype released on November 25, 2010 for the PlayStation Portable.

English Patch info:

Version: v0.95
Made by: patr0805
Translator’s Site:
Progress: Most of the game is translated.

Ok so a little insight on how this game and the patch is made:
First off this game comes in two discs. the first disc is the Installation disc, and the second disc is the game disc.

In order to translate the game the patch had to be applied to save data generated by the Installation Disc. Therefore what your will find in the rar below is: A Disc 1 ISO and the English Patched savedata (ULJM05789PAK folder), once you copy this folder inside your “SAVEDATA” folder either on the emulator or real PSP the game will be displayed in Full English. Precise instructions below.

Instructions: The savedata(583 MB) (included inside the rar) contains the translation you must put it on the savedata folder:

  • PSP:


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Little Busters! Converted Edition (English Patched) PSP ISO Download