PC Visual Novels ported to PSP (English Patched)

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    Game Name: PC Visual Novels ported to PSP
    Region:Japan (NTSC-J)
    Console:Sony PlayStation Portable
    Release Date:
    Image Format:ISO
    Disc ID:n/a
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    Rating: 4.4/5. From 12 votes.
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    PC Visual Novels ported to PSP is a Visual Novel video game published by released on October 5, 2013 for the Sony PlayStation Portable.

    This is a list of English Patched PC Visual Novels ported to PSP, this are classic visual novels that existed only for PC and were ported/converted to eboots to be played on a Sony PSP with CFW installed.

    If you were looking for PSP Visual Novels, we have more than 250 titles!

     READ ME!

    • Download all parts and extract once with Winrar.
    • To play This visual novels extract them and copy the entire folder to your ms0:/PSP/GAME folder (like any other EBOOT).
    • If game feel lag just raise cpu to 333 mhz
    • Most questions already answered on the FAQ, so check it out.

    Saya no Uta


    40 Days and 40 Nights of Rain + A Happy Valentine

    40-days-1 40-days-2


    adagio-1 adagio-2

    A Dream of Summer

    a-dream-1 a-dream-2

    Agnus Dei

    agnus-1 agnus-2

    At Summer’s End

    at-summer-1 at-summer-2

    A Midsummer’s Day Resonance

    a-midsummer-1 a-midsummer-2

    A Winter’s Tale

    a-winter-1 a-winter-2

    Ballad of an Evening Butterfly

    ballad-1 ballad-2

    Binary Pot (trial version)

    binary-1 binary-2

     Flood of Tears

    flood-1 flood-2

    Hanihani -Operation Sanctuary

    hanihani-1 hanihani-2

    Higurashi (demo)

    pic_0004 pic_0005

    Instant Death! Panda Samurai

    instant-1 instant-2

    I, Too, Saw Dreams Through Air

    i-too-1 i-too-2

    Jouka no Monshou

    jouka-1 jouka-2

    Kagetsu Tohya

    kagetsu-1 kagetsu-2

    Kira -snowdrop

    kira-1 kira-2


    leaves-1 leaves-2

    May Sky

    may-1 may-2


    mizuiro-1 mizuiro-2


    moonshine-1 moonshine-2

    My Black Cat

    my-black-1 my-black-2


    narcissu-1 narcissu-2

    Narcissu -Side 2nd- (demo)

    narcissu-second-1 narcissu-second-2

    Night of the Forget-Me-Nots

    night-1 night-2


    omg-1 omg-2

    Plain Song (Xmas)

    plain-xmas-1 plain-xmas-2

    Red Shift

    red-1 red-2

    Shooting Star Hill

    shooting-1 shooting-2

    The Dandelion Girl

    the-dandelion-1 the-dandelion-2

    The Letter

    the-letter-1 the-letter-2

    The Noose

    the-noose-1 the-noose-2

    The Poor Little Bird

    the-poor-1 the-poor-2

    The Work of an Angel (demo)

    The world to reverse

    the-world-1 the-world-2


    tsukihime-1 tsukihime-2

    Tsukihime Fool’s Errand

    tsuki-fool-1 tsuki-fool-2

    Turning Gears-La Divina Commedia


    Visions from the Other Side


    Wanderers in the Sky

    wanderers-1 wanderers-2

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