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Game Name:BCV: Battle Construction Vehicles
Console:Sony PlayStation 2
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BCV: Battle Construction Vehicles is a Action/Fighting video game published by Artdink released on November 28, 2003 for the Sony PlayStation 2.

Review by Fikko3107:

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BCV: Battle Construction Vehicles is, in case you have not noticed, a completely insane game. As you can see, it involves ramming each other with, you guessed it, construction vehicles.

In addition, there is a story mode, which is arguably even more insane than the gameplay. Take the role of Hayato Kongo, heir to the Kongo Construction Company. He reluctantly takes over the family business after some opposition and his father’s death. The plot chronicles his rise as he recruits construction aces and combat an evil, corrupt construction company. What follows is a saga that involves lots of shouting, construction vehicles, a dog driving an earth mover, spurned secret agent homosexual romance and last-minute technical incest.

The craziest part is how I am not messing with you at all.

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