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Game Name Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny
Console PlayStation 2
Game Release (16 years ago)
Publisher Gust, NIS America
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Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny is a RPG video game published by Gust, NIS America released on April 25th, 2006 for the PlayStation 2.

Atelier Iris 2 is the 7th game in the Atelier main series and the 2nd game in the Iris trilogy.

Atelier Series Description – RPG Revision

You know what I said about the other Atelier games?
Wipe that out of your mind now.

Although these are part of the main series, these Atelier games are different from their alchemy focused counterparts.

The games here are actual traditional RPGs with an emphasis on story and battle system while the alchemy takes a backseat.
Although I say the alchemy system is there, it’s been diluted to its base and has hardly any of the complexity the actual alchemy focused ones have.

The RPG Ateliers are Iris 1-3 and Mana Khemia 1-2.

It’s from a weird era of Gust where they decided to stray from the normal formula to produce real traditional turn based RPGs.
Unfortunately, this series is pretty niche already in Japan and having male protagonists and different gameplay resulted in comparatively low sales so Gust will never make these again.

Still these games are still worth playing because

  • Actual story. I mean a real overarching plot, not just character interactions. Whether it is rediscovering the secrets of a long lost civilization, saving the whole fucking world from dastardly villains, hunting gems to fill your book, or just living a peaceful school life. It’s there.
  • Battle system. For these titles, Gust actually took the time to develop a decent battle system from the ground up and make alterations that evolved it over time between titles with the final games, Mana Khemia, having a fairly complex battle system compared to the first Iris game. It is somewhat accurate to say Iris’s battle systems is a prototype of Mana Khemia’s.
  • No time limit. Some people like it, others don’t. This is a RPG, doesn’t make sense to have one.

Atelier Iris 2 – The Azoth of Destiny Description

In the second game, you go back in time before the “golden age of alchemy”. Due to mankind abusing the power of alchemy, it and Mana was sealed from the world into a small land called Eden to prevent it from happening once again. The lands beyond it has no alchemists and over time the people have truly forgotten and become oblivious to the existence of alchemy at all.

In this setting, we have two alchemy students named Felt and Viese Blanchimont who inhabit the land of Eden. One day, the floating islands in Eden suddenly disappeared and so Felt was tasked with going through the Belkhyde Gate into the lower region of Belkhyde to investigate the cause of it and find a solution to it if possible. Armed with the sealed legendary blade, the Azure Azoth, he sets forth into an unknown land.

Oh right, “Blanchimont”. Same last name as Iris, you will be meeting her as a child and, left with no caretaker, these two teens adopt her into their family. Well, this is before she became an alchemy grandmaster of legend.

The game has a sort of duology going on with its protagonists. Viese is a full fledged alchemist and performs all the regular synthesis related stuff while Felt is a swordsman alchemist who never quite finished his alchemy training so he prefers doing weapon synthesis. The two share bracelets that allow them to share their storage capacity, which is pretty convenient.

The game switches between the perspective of the two throughout the story. While Felt is down in the human world doing what young boys with magic swords do to powerless non-alchemists, Viese deals with contracting new Mana from the returning islands to be able to synthesize more stuff for Felt.

The alchemy system is the same as the previous game except you can do Weapon Synthesis to unlock more power from the Azure Azoth.

The battle system went through a drastic change from the first game. For one, you no longer use MP at all. Instead you have a refillable gauge on the top right that your whole party uses instead for their skills. Another thing is you have a “Time Gauge” that tells you exactly when each character’s turn occurs.

With that, we are introduced with Break Attacks, which bumps the enemy’s position back a little. If you do a Break Attack while your enemy is in the orange section of the bar, the enemy becomes stunned until he gets out of it and you can go ham on him with your powerful attacks.

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