Pokemon Blaze Black / Volt White (Hack) NDS ROM

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Game Name Pokemon Blaze Black / Volt White (Hack)
Console DS
Game Release (11 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher Drayano, N
Image Format .nds
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The hack that started it all. This is Drayano’s first attempt on DS. Expect the same ammount of challenge that you got in the sequels. If you want to experience the original Unova with a complete Pokedex and more powerful trainers, this is your game.

Not as refined as Blaze Black 2/Volt White 2, but it is still worth a try, because this is the first step to reach the perfect balance in the following games made by Drayano.

What does this game offers?

-Complete Pokedex

-Challenging Trainers

-Pokemon Overhauling

The games comes with 2 different versions

-The Complete Version includes all the changes made to pokemon: Type change, movesets, abilities, some movements were edited to make them more playable.

-The Vanilla Version only adds the challenge and the way some trade evolution happen in the game.

Pick whatever version suits your fetish and enjoy! Also, read the included documents for further information about the changes made in the game.


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