Original PSP Fonts for PPSSPP for Android and PC Download

The PSP font is an essential asset to have if you are planning to emulate the PSP to it's fullest. PPSPP emulator does not use the original PSP font but a free alternative (Roboto-Condensed) that looks kinda similar. Most games look totally fine on it while others look terrible, specially on Android. Jeanne d'arc is a an example:



How to Install PSP Font FIX for PPSPP:

  1. Close the emulator.
  2. Download the font file below.
  3. Extract the font with 7-zip or 7-archiver (android).
  4. Copy the font directory.
  5. Navigate to your PPSSPP installation directory, then /assets/flash0/
  6. Paste the font folder in there.
  7. Start PPSSPP and play.

Congratulations you've done it!