Mega Man Battle Network 6 (Hacks) GBA ROM

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Game Name:Mega Man Battle Network 6 (Hacks)
Console:GameBoy Advance
Game Release:2006-06-13
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Image Format:.gba
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Download Mega Man Battle Network 6 (Hacks) GBA ROM for GameBoy Advance. Mega Man Battle Network 6 (Hacks) is a Hack/RPG/RTS video game published by Capcom released on June 13, 2006 for the GameBoy Advance.

This is a Mega post of 5 Megaman battle network hacks

the first one is Battle operation hack and that is a big compilation of all the Megaman battle network games (Chips,Forms,etc) in 1 game which is Megaman battle network 6

Shadowrock hack is based on the Rise of Shadows series by ShadowrockZX and has some huge changes in forms and chips

Starforce hack is what it sounds it’s Megaman Starforce in Megaman battle network 6 and has most of the stuff from the Starforce series like the noises and new bosses and chips!

Timeius’s hack is a really difficult hack with many new chips and such and it’s harder than ever for all you challange loving players!

Bass’s hack is like the Starforce hack but with Bass instead and some other changes beside that!
I hope you enjoy playing these hacks!


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