Golden Sun (USA) GBA ROM

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Game Name:Golden Sun
Console:GameBoy Advance
Game Release:2001-11-07
Image Format:.gba
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Download Golden Sun (USA) GBA ROM for GameBoy Advance. Golden Sun is a RPG video game published by Nintendo released on November 7, 2001 for the GameBoy Advance.

Review by earllingao:

earllingao avatarOne of the best GBA games!
Game Play: A very very long story that it requires to have a sequel so it can be finished (Golden Sun The Lost Age). It is a RPG, strategy and puzzle game. The battle system of this game will never going to be beat because it is very unique. The map is so big to explore. It is fun to find Djins in this game to unlock many special attacks and it can get your characters stronger.

Graphics: The graphics are very very very well done in a Gameboy port and its graphics are like NDS games so it is well polished than the other GBA games out there. Its battle systems carries a beautiful graphic style that we will never forget.

Soundtrack: It has many soundtracks but they are all awesome and cool especially the boss battle theme.

Overall: The Best Game Ever in the GBA (Both Golden Sun Game).

I rate this 10/10


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