Fire Emblem Midori (Hack) [Japanese] GBA ROM

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Game Name Fire Emblem Midori (Hack)
Console GameBoy Advance
Game Release (7 years ago)
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Publisher Anonymous
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This is not a story hack really. It’s a difficulty hack with custom sprites and maps though.
Basically many of the green haired characters from across all the Fire Emblem games have been gathered together into one game.
All the green hair people like Sothe, Lance, Lugh, Bors, Guy, Rebecca, Vanessa, Elincia, Nephenee, Safy (oh a Jugdral character, was suspecting that it was FE 6 – FE9 but I see it includes ALL FEs before Awakening), Raigh, Wolt, etc.

The only non-green characters are the protagonists since BLUE HAIR is the signature hair color of heroes apparently.

The custom maps start showing around Chapter 4 or 5 and they’re moderately difficult.

This one is complete. You don’t need to know Japanese to play this if you’re already familiar with the stat and battle layouts. Story seems to be Sacred Stone’s so no real need to know the story and dialogue.


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