Resident Evil (Prototype + Bugfixed version) GBC ROM

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Game Name Resident Evil (Prototype + Bugfixed version)
Region ,
Console GBC
Game Release (23 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher Capcom, HotGen
Image Format .gbc
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Resident Evil for Gameboy Color is a real thing. But it was cancelled before release in the year 2000 when it was about 90% finished. Two prototypes of this game were leaked in 2012. The most complete of the 2 is included here named “Later Proto”.

A year later a romhacker known as PacoChan released a modified version that fixes bugs in the prototype to make it more playable. His hack is known as “Bugfixed version“.

Released By PacoChan
Category Bug Fix
Patch Version 1.0
Hack Release Date 08 February 2012

File: Resident Evil GBC Cart 1.gbc (Later Proto)
CRC-32: 53f7bba1
MD5: fd91d5d69c43f2f0406b3626d625b6e6

File: Resident Evil GBC Cart 1 (Bugfix v1.0).gbc
CRC-32: 6de8c8ad
MD5: cb0e23b09470002fe33732b1f0e02b06


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