Game BOX ROM Title Language Region
Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Ultimate (Hack) rom
Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Ultimate (Hack) English USA 437
Pokemon Perfect Crystal (Hack) rom
Pokemon Perfect Crystal (Hack) English USA 3,190
Pokemon Diamond and Jade (Hack) rom
Pokemon Diamond and Jade (Hack) English USA 816
Resident Evil (Prototype + Bugfixed version) rom
Resident Evil (Prototype + Bugfixed version) English USA, Worldwide 1,998
Pokemon Orange (Hack) rom
Pokemon Orange (Hack) English Worldwide 487
Pokemon Maize (Hack) rom
Pokemon Maize (Hack) English Worldwide 286
PokémonXY: Naturia Version (Hack) rom
PokémonXY: Naturia Version (Hack) English Worldwide 1,095
Pokemon Dark Energy (Hack) rom
Pokemon Dark Energy (Hack) English Worldwide 723