Suishou no Dragon (English Patched) FDS ROM

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Game Name Suishou no Dragon
Original Title 水晶の龍
Console FDS
Game Release (37 years ago)
Publisher SquareSoft
Languages ,
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Suishou no Dragon (水晶の龍) is a Adventure video game published by SquareSoft released on 1986 for the FDS.

Game's also known as: "Crystal Dragon".

Controls are not intuitive so here's some help from Mute's readme:

At the top of the screen you have your commands. You press A to execute them. And hold B and press left/right to switch commands. But what are the commands icons? Well:

  1. The 4 arrows -> MOVE
  2. The eye -> LOOK
  3. The hand -> TAKE
  4. The mouth -> TALK
  5. The first -> USE
  6. The door -> OPEN
  7. The button -> OPERATE
  8. The trash -> DROP
  9. The Disk -> SAVE/LOAD

For detailed descriptions check the readme included with the download.
Note: Open it with Wordpad because Notepad will render it all in a single line.


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