All English Patched games in one place. This is our full list of fan made translations of non-English games (mostly Japanese). All roms & isos are already pre-patched. You can search & filter within this list.

Game BOXROM TitleLanguageRegion
Soul Eater: Medusa no InbouEnglish Patched, JapaneseJapan173
Dokapon 3-2-1 - Arashi o Yobu Yuujou English Patched, JapaneseJapan148
Super Nazo Puyo: Rulue no RouxEnglish Patched, JapaneseJapan191
Super Robot Taisen Alpha GaidenEnglish PatchedJapan172
The Mystic DragoonsEnglish Patched, JapaneseJapan245
Tobal 2English Patched, JapaneseJapan230
Nekketsu OyakoEnglish PatchedJapan256
Nekketsu OyakoEnglish Patched, JapaneseJapan435
Medarot REnglish PatchedJapan195
Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street SpecialEnglish Patched, JapaneseJapan1,533
Berserk: Millennium Falcon Hen Seima Senki no ShouEnglish Patched, Italian, JapaneseJapan10,468
Pokemon Card GB 2: GR Dan Sanjou!English Patched, JapaneseJapan332
Langrisser IVEnglish PatchedJapan646
iS: Internal SectionEnglish Patched, JapaneseJapan484
Gyakuten Saiban 3English Patched, JapaneseJapan366
Front Mission 2English Patched, JapaneseJapan563
Finger FlashingEnglish PatchedJapan86
Finger FlashingEnglish Patched, JapaneseJapan212
Family DiamondEnglish Patched, JapaneseJapan86
Clock Tower: The First FearEnglish PatchedJapan218