Castlevania: Resurrection (E3 Pre-Demo) DC ISO

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Game Name Castlevania: Resurrection (E3 Pre-Demo)
Console SEGA Dreamcast
Game Release (24 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher Konami
Image Format CDI, GDI
Downloads 12,501
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Castlevania: Resurrection (E3 Pre-Demo) is a Action/Hack and Slash video game published by Konami released on November 5th, 1999 for the SEGA Dreamcast.

A dreamcast prototype of "Castlevania: Resurrection" and unreleased game just leaked. It's a playable demo used on the 1999 E3. You can run, crouch, jump, attack, and teleport to different areas with the start button menu.

The pack contains both GDI and CDI. Don't be fooled by the 7-zip size, it's 2 GB uncompressed. It contains:

  • GDI_ORIGINAL - Original GD-R dump in raw format
  • GDI_ODES - Miniaturized 33MB GDI for use with GDEMU, USB-GDROM, MODE, or emulators. Created and added 0GDTEX.PVR image for menus.
  • CRDC-CDR.CDI - CDI image to burn to 700MB/80min CD-R. Padded data to outside of disc for best performance. Burn with DiscJuggler or ImgBurn with DJ plugin.
  • CRDC-NOPAD.CDI - Small 113MB CDI image for use with GDEMU, USB-GDROM, MODE, or emulators. No padding added. Try burning this version if your DC has difficulty loading the above version from a CD-R.

Relevant FAQ entries:

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