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Game Name Escape from Monkey Island
Console Windows
Game Release (23 years ago)
Publisher LucasArts
Image Format ISO
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Escape from Monkey Island is a Adventure video game published by LucasArts released on 2000 for Microsoft Windows.

This game is 2 CD's so 2 ISO files. It's very easy to play on modern computers thanks to a custom installer included with the download.

How to play Escape from Monkey Island on x64 Windows:

  1. Download the game from the link below. The 7z file contains 2 isos and an installer.
  2. Run the Installer.
  3. At some point you will be asked to insert Disc1. This is done by mounting the Disc 1 ISO into a virtual CD Drive. I use Daemon Tools Lite (it's free), but you can use whatever you like.
  4. When asked for Disc 2, mount disc 2.
  5. Finish Installing.

Note 1: this installer comes with v1.1 Update which you should apply after installing. It also comes with the option to RUN without CDs to play the game, you should enable that too!!!

Note 2: IMPORTANT. If the launcher cases issues with crashing, not succeeding at increasing resolution, go back to default resolution!

Note 3: If the launcher crashes while saving don't use it. Use monkey4.exe to play! And change compatibility mode to windows 95 and enable run as admin.

More Tips: In game Press F1 to reveal all sorts of useful options like key remaps and subtitles:

Stuck on ACT 1 Screen?

I don't really understand this, i don't know how to skip it, i have skipped it 10+ times without knowing what did it! Maybe it went away over time? Time seemed random. But i found that if you run monkey4.exe to play instead of using the launcher it goes away right away! But i did set compatibility of monkey4.exe to windows 95 and enabled "Run as Admin". Maybe that does it?

ACT 1 monkey island stuck screen

Escape From Monkey Island Controls:

  • <-, -> Turn left/right
  • ↑,  ↓ Move forwards/backwards
  • [shift] Run
  • [Enter] Default action
  • [pgup],[pgdn] , <alt>-↑,<alt>-↓ Cycle sentence line/hot object or dialog choice
  • <shift>-[pgup], <shift>-[pgdn]
  • <shift>-<alt>-↑, <shift>-<alt>-↓ Page up/Page down dialog choice
  • e, l,[keypad5] Look at
  • u Use, Talk to
  • p, [keypad+] Pick up
  • i, [insert] Enter inventory
  • F1 Menu
  • O Quick Exit from the current room or location

In Inventory

  • <-, -> Cycle inventory left/right
  • p, [keypad+], [enter] Select inventory item
  • ESC, i Exit inventory
  • u Select combine item, (press Enter on another item to combine)

File Debug Data:

File: Escape From Monkey Island (2 Discs)(Win95)[Win10 x64 fix].7z
CRC-32: 58a000ee
MD5: f5f5112880a9966906077e2e9c477538


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