Exile (Un-Working Designs) (Hack) TurboGrafx-CD ISO

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Game Name Exile (Un-Working Designs)
Original Title エグザイル ~時の狭間へ~
Console TurboGrafx-CD
Game Release (32 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher Nippon Telenet, Working Designs
Image Format BIN/CUE
Game ID WTG990101
Downloads 4,683
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"UN-WORKED": US Publisher Working Designs had the habit of modifying the games difficulty, making them harder.
This hacks attempt to revert those gameplay changes. they do not change the translation or dubbing.

Changes: https://tcrf.net/Exile_(TurboGrafx-CD)#Regional_Differences

  • Enemies stats restored to the original Japanese version.
  • "Warp" spell that returns Sadler to the start of the current dungeon has been re-enabled.
  • Gold of two chests restored to their original amounts (900g -> 500g, 2000g -> 2500g).

Version 0 (1/28/17)
Source: http://stargood.org/unworked/exile.php


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