Super Metroid: Cliffhanger + Redux (Hack) SNES ROM

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Game Name Super Metroid: Cliffhanger + Redux (Hack)
Console SNES
Game Release (29 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher N
Image Format SFC/SMC
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Includes Cliffhanger easy version! And the newer Redux patch.

About Cliffhanger Hack:

This is a complete game hack for Super Metroid. All the levels have been changed. It requires abundant amounts of mockball, speedball, fast mid air morphs, quck charging, ibj, hbj, and fast thinking.

About redux Hack:

Redux has revived the planet with new rooms, savestations, refurbished layouts,
and a renewed storyline. From top to bottom, everything has been updated.

It was and is now at its core a challenge hack, a game to fire up and hone your skills.
Secondly it tells a story, locate all 5 Chozodian Lores to complete the mystery behind Planet Uviol.


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