Star Fox Exploration Showcase (Hack) SNES ROM

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Game Name Star Fox Exploration Showcase
Console SNES
Game Release (29 years ago)
Genre , ,
Publisher N
Image Format SFC/SMC
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Disclaimer: has no relation with any ROM hacker or translation team.
Pre-patched roms are published without their knowledge or consent.

A hack of Star Fox with tons of features:

  • Mod Menu
  • In-Game Pause Menu
  • 2 Player mode
  • 2/4 Player CPU mode
  • New Ships
  • New Weapons
  • New Views
  • New 4th Course
  • New Game+ Feature
  • Endurance Run code
  • Level Features Code
  • God Mode Code
  • Full Camera Control

And much much more, see the readme included.

Released By kandowontu
Category Complete
Patch Version 8.48.1
Hack Release Date 09 August 2021


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