NBA Jam: Old School Edition (Hack) SNES ROM

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Game Name NBA Jam: Old School Edition (Hack)
Console SNES
Game Release (27 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher Midway
Image Format SFC/SMC
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This is a hack of NBA Jam Tournament Edition snes rom from 2011 that allows playing as a bunch of great 90’s players that didn’t make the original cut. Most importantly you can play as the one and only MICHAEL JORDAN! The programmer that released the original hack promised new updates but it seems he stopped working on this one, still there is a lot of content here as it is. Here is a list of all the new stuff:

Additional Features

  • Initial-entry and record keeping reenabled (although you still can’t progress through the game)
  • 10 secret players
  • Backboard breaking (slightly buggy)
  • 10 more announcer catchphrases
  • A new music track which is played between quarters
  • Yet more cosmetic changes, including those seen in the screenshots posted since the first demo
  • Bugfix: The player injury counters were not reset after completing or quitting a game. Prior to this, if you selected the same team and player combo for the next game, the players would have the same number of injuries as the last game played. This bug actually exists in the unmodified NBA Jam TE ROM as well.
  • 135 players from the 1992-93 roster, including stars that didn’t make it into any official version of NBA Jam (Jordan is in)
  • Complete 1992 East and West All-Star teams (includes Magic Johnson!)
  • Player attributes now display correctly (10 is displayed when a player has a 10 in an attribute; corrections made to some players, eg. Stacey Augmon, Dennis Scott)
  • 1992-93 team colors/logos, except for the All-Star teams (the Eastern and Western Conference logos didn’t exist until 1994)
  • Ability to cycle backwards through the player combos by pressing X or Y (on Team Selection and Substitution screens)
  • Modified Title Screen graphics/music
  • Many other cosmetic changes sprinkled here and there (i.e. Some players’ pictures look better)


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