Ghost Chaser Densei (Japan) SNES ROM

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Game Name:Ghost Chaser Densei
Original Title:ゴーストチェイサー電精
Console:Super Nintendo
Game Release:1994-09-23
Publisher:Banpresto, Winkysoft
Image Format:SFC/SMC
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Ghost Chaser Densei is a Beat 'em up video game published by Banpresto, Winkysoft released on September 23, 1994 for the Super Nintendo.

CRC-32: dfd6385d

Ghost Chaser Densei is a Home Port of the Arcade Beat’em Up Denjin Makai. Both games are Beat’em Ups that have a large variety of special moves that characters and pull off and unlike other Beat’em ups don’t use up the Players life bar instead use a power meter under the Health bar as well as Super attacks and Team Attacks with another Player.

Being a Home port from Arcade to Super Famicom of course there is gonna be graphical and sound differences, but the major difference, aside from the Different Name, is the Playable Roster is Taken from 7 and Reduced down to 3 Leaving only Makai, Iyo, and Belva Playable. Overall its a Decent port but its easily the Weakest of the 3 Makai Games.


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