Final Fantasy VI: Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition (Hack) SNES ROM

The coverart image of Final Fantasy VI: Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition
Game Name Final Fantasy VI: Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition
Original Title Final Fantasy III (US)
Console SNES
Game Release (28 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher SquareSoft
Image Format SFC/SMC
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Disclaimer: has no relation with any ROM hacker or translation team.
Pre-patched roms are published without their knowledge or consent.

A romhack of Final Fantasy III (US). I'm using 7-zip instead of .zip to force you to extract it before playing, because there are 6 roms on this pack:

  • TWUE: Base version with original Opera. Least amount of bug fixes.
  • TWUE + Updated Opera: Base version with modern Opera scene.
  • TWUE+ Bug Fixes: A large number of bugfixes were added to fix the worst bugs in the game while keeping in line with the what TWUE set out to do.
  • TWUE + Bug Fixes & Updated Opera: Same as bug fixes with new Opera
  • TWUE + Bug Fixes & Add-Ons: In addition to bugfixes, slight tweaks that were worthwhile were added that still do not take away from the original experience.
  • TWUE + Bug Fixes, Updated Opera, & Add-Ons: All bugfixes like before,
    the updated and newer Opera, and the worthwhile Add-Ons.
Released By Rodimus Primal
Category Improvement
Patch Version 3.06
Hack Release Date 19 February 2022


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