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Game Name:Dark Law: Meaning of Death (J+English Patched)
Original Title:ダークロウ ミーニング・オブ・デス
Console:Super Nintendo
Game Release:
Publisher:ASCII Entertainment
Image Format:SFC/SMC
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Dark Law: Meaning of Death (J+English Patched) (ダークロウ ミーニング・オブ・デス) is a RPG video game published by ASCII Entertainment released on March 28, 1997 for the Super Nintendo.

Dark Law - Meaning of Death (Japan): CRC-32: 125a0c22

This game is sequel to the NES game, Dark Lord, and the third game in a trilogy.
The game has a great emphasis on exploration and lots of storytelling with some light battling here and there. It is very non-linear compared to its other JRPG counterparts in the industry.

To progress in the game, you will have to use things in your environment like, for example, a vine on a tree to go down a cliff (You probably didn’t notice this and got stuck in the first area, right?).

The battle system is pretty basic, you have an action bar under you for movement and you just attack or defend.

Patch: http://agtp.romhack.net/project.php?id=darklaw
Translator: Aeon Genesis


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