Falcom Classics (English Patched) Saturn ISO

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Game Name Falcom Classics
Original Title ファルコム・クラシックス
Console SEGA Saturn
Game Release (26 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher Falcom, Victor
Languages ,
Image Format BIN/CUE
Game ID T-31502G, T-31503G, T-31506G, T-31507G
Downloads 7,948
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Falcom Classics (ファルコム・クラシックス) is a Compilation/RPG video game published by Falcom, Victor released on 1997 for the SEGA Saturn.

This compilation includes a remake of YS 1 "SATURN MODE" , with improved graphics, music and some QOL changes like the ability to dash.
Note: You have to play in Saturn Mode to get the translation.

Author: Murzik (Project leader, romhack), CrawdKenny (Translator)
Version BETA 0.763

Status: Game playable from beginning to end (since v0.763)

Falcom Classics is a compilation of these 3 games:

  • Dragon Slayer (Not translated)
  • Xanadu (Not translated)
  • Ys I (Translated in Saturn mode)

  • (Game Disc) (Track 01).bin CRC-32: 2d079f77
    MD5: 287adc660e0d65e5ae3600157db6c9d5
  • (Disc 2) (Special CD) (Track 1).bin CRC-32: bffcc6a2
    MD5: bd9f8c3eb573b0af97d273f0ff82dfd5

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