Bulk Slash (J+English Patched) Saturn ISO

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Game Name Bulk Slash
Original Title バルク・スラッシュ
Console SEGA Saturn
Game Release (26 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher Hudson Soft
Languages ,
Image Format BIN/CUE
Game ID T-14310G, T-14325G
Downloads 17,856
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Bulk Slash (バルク・スラッシュ) is a Action/Third Person Shooter video game published by Hudson Soft released on 1997 for the SEGA Saturn.

Version 1.001 (improves compatibility with Mednafen, bios can be set to auto detect now)
Release Date: 2021-12-14
Patch: https://segaxtreme.net/resources/bulk-slash-english.105/

All original docs included with the game, author's readme + PDF manuals.


  • Project Lead, Translator, Voice Director - Greg Moore
  • Script Editors - Dan “Danthrax” Myers, Chanh “Burntends” Nguyen, Chris “Ghaleon Unlimited” Hatala
  • Code Insertion, Video Editor - Mamdouh “Mampfus” Maduar
  • Graphics and Font Editor, Tile Setter, Manual Layout - Dan “Danthrax” Myers
  • Talent Scout, Community Manager - Chanh “Burntends” Nguyen
  • Reverse Engineer, Developer - Anthony "Knight0fDragon" Randazzo
  • Recreated Musical Score - Jiggle85, Jiggle85's brother, Shadowmask
  • Recreated Sound Effects - Shadowmask
  • Audio Engineers - Mamdouh “Mampfus” Maduar, Greg Moore, Shadowmask
  • Edited Bulk Slash Logo in the Manual - SaturnDave
  • Original Japanese Manual Scan - Chris “Ghaleon Unlimited” Hatala

(Japan) (Track 1).bin CRC-32: 372052c7
MD5: f392d1f214401d8ba7377fbf9866a87b

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