Phantasy Star IV (Relocalization) SEGA Genesis ROM

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Game Name Phantasy Star IV (Relocalization)
Console SEGA Genesis
Game Release (27 years ago)
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Publisher SEGA
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Phantasy Star Generation:4 is a comprehensive retranslation and relocalization of PSIV, utilizing fan-translated PS scripts/resources and PS dev interviews. Its goals are to restore lost content and mistranslated references, add lore, naturalize the dialog, and retranslate story elements to be closest to the Japanese developers' intent.

As SEGA canceled "Phantasy Star Generation:4" many years ago, this project aimed to create a definitive, series-ending Phantasy Star experience best tying the games together.

"Working Designs" version adds a small amount of additional dialog in the style of Working Designs' SEGA CD translations (without adding any pop culture references).
"Purist" eliminates these dialogs.
Almost all main story dialog is identical between the two. Feedback encouraged and welcome! (See readme.)

Credits: gamesdonelegit //Do check their podcast!

Released By GhaleonUnlimited
Category Improvement
Patch Version 6.1
Hack Release Date 08 November 2021


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