Landstalker [Uncensored] (Hack) SEGA Genesis ROM

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Game Name Landstalker [Uncensored]
Console SEGA Genesis
Game Release (30 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher Climax Entertainment, SEGA
Downloads 6,247
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I hope this works. Merged 2 hacks made by TentaculeVerte.

Japanese Censored Sprites restoration v1.0

Restores the sprites back the Japanese originals. The items names are not changed.

Oracle Stone = Bunnygirl
Spellbook = Erotic Book
Shortcake = Bunnygirl Costume
Pawn Ticket = G-String

Unlock bath scene v1.0

Alternate Controls Hack by MagicianLord 

This game has one of the weirdest controls for walking. Requiring to press a diagonal before you can move in a different axis. The Alternate controls Hack maps each D-pad arrow to a different direction, specifically:

  • Up = ↗
  • Down = ↙
  • Left = ↖
  • Right = ↘


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