Dynamite Headdy (English Patched) Sega Genesis ROM

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Game Name Dynamite Headdy
Original Title ダイナマイト ヘッディー
Console SEGA Genesis
Game Release (28 years ago)
Publisher SEGA, Treasure
Languages ,
Downloads 6,718
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Dynamite Headdy (ダイナマイト ヘッディー) is a Platformer 2D video game published by SEGA, Treasure released on 1994 for the SEGA Genesis.

When SEGA officially localized this game in the US, they took a neat shortcut. Instead of translating the game they removed most of the dialogues BUT to compensate doubled the difficulty. This fan made patch does what segadon't actually translates the game for us.

Released By Jon Najar
Language English
Status Full Translation
Patch Version 070428
Release Date 28 April 2007


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