Vay: Battle Rate Reduction+Unworked (Hack) SEGA CD ISO

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Game Name Vay: Battle Rate Reduction+Unworked (Hack)
Console SEGA CD
Game Release (28 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher Working Designs
Image Format BIN/CUE
Game ID T-127025
Downloads 1,363
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This game suffers for a high encounter rate. These versions reduce that.

  • [1-2 Rate] is 1/2 the encounter rate, so half. This is considered still high.
  • [1-4 Rate] is 1/4 the encounter rate, a quarter. This is considered the sweet spot, allowing you to level without being annoying.
  • [1-8 Rate] is 1/8 the encounter rate, one eighth. Still playable for people who want less fights.

Also contains the unworked patch changes.

Released By insane
Category Improvement
Patch Version 1.1
Hack Release Date 22 June 2022

Thanks Escaeva/Kiri for the heads up and getting the author of the Rate Reduction patch to make a version compatible with the Unworked ISO.


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