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Game Name Sonic CD++
Console SEGA CD
Game Release (29 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher SEGA, Sonic Team
Image Format BIN/CUE
Game ID 4407
Downloads 8,095
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SonicCD++ (Plus Plus) is a romhack of Sonic CD by qiuu, snkenjoi (coding) and MKAmeX (spin dash sprites), which adds the Sonic 2 Spin Dash and a new "Homing Attack " to the game making it much faster and enjoyable to play. There's also an optional OST switch included that brings the JP/EU music to the NTSC version.
New features

  • Spin dash hold down then press a button too charge it.
  • Homing attack While in a ball press a button to attack.
  • Air Roll When in the air without being in a ball, press a button to curl into a ball.
  • Air speed cap was removed.
  • Mini-Sonic can now do the spin dash.

Released By qiuu, snkenjoi
Category Improvement
Patch Version 1
Hack Release Date 20 June 2009


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