NEC - PC Engine SuperGrafx (2019-12-09) Romset Download

The PC Engine SuperGrafx, also known as simply the SuperGrafx, is a 4th-gen console manufactured by NEC Home Electronics and released in Japan in 1989. It is the successor system to the PC Engine, released two years prior. It was purported as a true 16-bit home console, featuring improved graphics and audio capabilities over its predecessor.

<< Predecessor: PC Engine - TurboGrafx 16 | Successor: PC Engine Duo - TurboDuo >>

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Name Size
1941 - Counter Attack (Japan).zip 648,72 KB
Aldynes - The Misson Code for Rage Crisis (Japan).zip 500,23 KB
Battle Ace (Japan).zip 293,33 KB
Daimakaimura (Japan).zip 663,86 KB
Madou King Granzort (Japan).zip 346,78 KB

NEC - PC Engine SuperGrafx (2019-12-09) Romset Download