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Game BOXROM TitleLanguageRegion
Pokemon Backwards Edition / Der Erif (Hack)EnglishWorldwide282
Pokemon Light Platinum (Hack)EnglishWorldwide2,657
Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back (Hack)EnglishUSA871
Harvest Moon: Back to Nature (Indonesian)IndonesianUSA2,689
Pokemon Dark Rising (Hack)EnglishWorldwide3,053
Touhoumon Another World (Hack)EnglishUSA4,610
Harvest Moon TLE Boy's Love (Hack)EnglishUSA842
Harvest Moon TLE Girl's Love (Hack)EnglishUSA718
Pokemon Ruby Destiny Series (1-3) (Hack)EnglishWorldwide726
Pokemon Glazed (Hack)EnglishWorldwide728
Pokemon Sweet Version (Hack)EnglishWorldwide431
Pokemon Liquid Crystal (Hack)EnglishWorldwide1,310
Pokemon My Ass (Hack)EnglishUSA23,751
WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2K14 (Mod by Shahzad)EnglishUSA6,456
Manhunt 2 [Uncensored]EnglishUSA5,081
WWE'11 ReloadedEnglishUSA1,425