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Game BOX ROM Title Language Region
Pokemon Light Platinum (Hack) English Worldwide 4,064
Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back (Hack) English USA 1,221
Harvest Moon: Back to Nature (Indonesian) Indonesian USA 3,578
Pokemon Dark Rising (Hack) English Worldwide 4,695
Touhoumon Another World (Hack) English USA 5,634
Harvest Moon TLE Boy's Love (Hack) English USA 1,203
Harvest Moon TLE Girl's Love (Hack) English USA 1,036
Pokemon Ruby Destiny Series (1-3) (Hack) English Worldwide 1,013
Pokemon Glazed (Hack) English Worldwide 1,724
Pokemon Sweet Version (Hack) English Worldwide 789
Pokemon Liquid Crystal (Hack) English Worldwide 3,415
Pokemon My Ass (Hack) English USA 27,613
WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2K14 (Mod by Shahzad) English USA 8,733
Xenogears 2.0 English, Undub USA 5,013
Manhunt 2 [Uncensored] English USA 7,873
WWE'11 Reloaded English USA 2,241