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Use English: NON-English Messages are deleted upon arrival.

Use real email: I will not read your message if i can't reply back. i don't care what your problem is.


1- Download link doesn't work:

All download links work. If it doesn't for you it's an issue on your side which only you can control.
Downloads require a modern browser capable of running JavaScript.
Check your Adblock Plus add-on, in some countries it blocks my downloads, also check all your add-ons. Try with another browser, try with another device, try with a phone, try with 4G or Wifi or with Ethernet cable, also some countries like to block pages try with a VPN. None of this is my fault, nor i can do anything about it, i'm sorry.

2- 503 Too many requests:

Means you are already downloading another file or have a paused download (connection) to our servers. Could be on another browser or download manager or computer under the same network.
When all other downloads are finished try again, if you think no other connection exist and the problem persists reboot the device to make 100% sure any connection is lost and try again.

3- Download STOPS before completing:

If download INTERRUPTS at any %, the issue is with your connection to the server and we can't do anything from here. Try downloading again using Firefox (it can pause/resume) or a Download Manager like Jdownloader2.
For Android Loader Droid is able to resume even after wifi/4G connection is lost (copy the download link on it).

4- Corrupted File or Wrong password:

There are no passwords for any file. If you can't extract with Winrar or get "Wrong password?" error you must update winrar (it's free). If you are not using Winrar use it or use latest 7-zip (also free). There's also an android version called RAR. For MAC i'm told KEKA works.

5- There's an in-game BUG/Glitch:

Emulators aren't perfect. UPDATE your emulator to the latest version and if the problem persists search online for your issue many times a solution is right there and if there isn't i can't magically produce a solution for you. Contact the site/forum in charge of the emulator itself.

6- "I use OPL and OPL is perfect your iso is BAD"

OPL has tons of incompatibility issues. ISOs/ROMs on the other hand can be exact copies of the original media verified by known databases: Redump, Renascene, Dat-o-matic, etc.
You can hash check my .iso CRC with the one of those databases and confirm if the ISO is a good or bad dump. As for your issue, google it or contact the site/forum in charge of OPL. I can't fix OPL.

For anything else, i'm listening! 🙂