Report Issue

Use this form to report problems with games. If it’s not related to any game, contact us privately with he contact us form.

Must Read:

  1. If you can’t extract with Winrar or get “Wrong password?” error you must update winrar. If you are not using Winrar, use it. Or latest 7-zip. There’s also an android version called RAR.
  2. If you get Corrupted File, the issue is with your connection to the server and we can’t do anything from here, but you can! Try downloading again using Firefox (it can pause/resume) or a Download Manager like Jdownloader2. For Android Loader Droid is able to resume even after wifi/4G connection is lost! Use them! (copy the download link on it).
  3. If your download STOPS or INTERRUPTS at any % while downloading use a download manager mentioned on point 2.
  4. Emulation issues: Don’t report the game because it doesn’t work or it’s glitched on the emulator, It’s not the ISO fault! Instead head to your emulator forums and ask there for a solution, beware not to mention you downloaded a game from the internet, they won’t help you if you do.

You are encouraged to report:

  1. If you See a blank page that says “File Doesn’t Exist!!!“.
  2. The file is on an external host MEGA/GDrive and the link is down.
  3. A converted PSX2PSP eboot doesn’t work on the console, check for any POPSloader tip if on its download page, if none, let us know.
  4. If an English Patched ISO has a new version released.
  5. Anything not covered by the section above