XS Moto (USA-PSN) PSP Eboot

    XS Moto CoverArt
    Game Name: XS Moto
    Region:USA (NTSC-U)
    Console:Sony PlayStation Portable (PS1 eboots)
    Release Date:
    Publisher:XS Games
    Disc ID:NPUJ-01506
    Users Score:
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    XS Moto is a Racing video game published by XS Games released on April 22, 2010 on the PlayStation Network as PSOne Classic.

    How to play on PSP:

    Copy the folder containing the EBOOT.PBP file to \PSP\GAME\ without changing the folder name (the game ID). Example: X:\PSP\GAME\NPUJ01506\EBOOT.PBP
    CFW PRO-C2 has problems with PSN eboots use "PRO-C Fix-3".

    Recommended Emulator:

    This is meant to be played on PSP consoles, not on emulators!
    In order to play XS Moto on an emulator download the PSX ISO version.


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    XS Moto (USA-PSN) PSP Eboot Download