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Game Name Xenogears
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Game Release (12 years ago)
Publisher SquareSoft
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Xenogears is a RPG video game published by SquareSoft released on February 22nd, 2011 for the PlayStation Network as PSOne Classic.

Review by magistery0:

In the Village of Lahan there lived an aspiring young artist named Fei fong Wong, a promising youth who wants nothing more than to keep living his peaceful life to the fullest.
It is such a wonderful day in the village, as a young couple has now come of age and are finally ready to become married.
The couples just happens to be Fei’s childhood friends Timothy and Alice.
Fei then visited Alice’s house as planned by Alice’s younger brother Dan, As awkwardness between the two soon ensued, Alice finally expresses her feelings for Fei in a Hypothetical way, that what if they met a little bit sooner when they where kids back then, things would’ve been different between the two of them..
As their conversation went to a complete stop, Alice then asked fei for a favor to go to Dr.Citan’s house to borrow some cameras for the wedding. Fei then agreed to get them for her as he pretends their conversation never happened, after he left, Alice breaks down in tears thinking how foolish she was for even saying all those things.
After spending time at Dr.Citan’s house, fei then went back down to the village, as he heads down, he hears a loud and unfamiliar noises coming from the sky, as he looked up, he sees a mysterious flying machine headed down for the village. Fei then rushed down to see what’s happening.
The village now ravaged in flames, people getting caught in crossfire are slaughtered by these monstrous machines. Fei feeling powerless to save the people that he loved suddenly hears a mysterious voice telling him to ride on one of those killing machines. seeing he has no choice, fei jumped into action to fend off the invaders.
Fei still struggling to handle the situation is now faced with a horrific scenario as his childhood friend timothy gets killed right in front of him.
Fei was at lost, he couldn’t protect the village much less his friends.
And without warning, Fei’s machine suddenly released a tremendous blast, wiping out the entire village and its inhabitants!
Fei, unconscious and without any memory of what happened is faced with disastrous consequences..exiling himself out from the village that he once lived.

A true Squaresoft masterpiece! Just by watching the opening is enough to get anyone hyped up!
While the 2D sprites are not that pretty to look at, but the rest of the environments like the games worlds really looks great inside and out! they also added a lot of subtle touches in the Mechs/Robots as well, as everything else inside the games interior and exterior designs! the sprites in battle does look really nice and the fighting animations are top notch!

If you think grinding/leveling is boring think again! the battle system in Xenogears are a bit special than the ones you’ve played (on the PS1) before. It never gets tiring until you’re physically tired ofcourse!
It’s kind of like a fighting game but you input in commands which consists of light,medium and strong attacks to create dazzling attacks and for unleashing skills!
The learning of skills takes a bit more time to acquire but they’re worth it once you start using them!
You can also save up your AP (by hitting enemies without killing them) to create a set of combos in one single attack!

This game… just like the music from Chrono Cross is just phenomenal!
Just check out the soundtrack called “Far Away Promise” you’ll be glad you did!

and that’s not even an understatement! seriously! if only square/soft enix didn’t drop this series (which is now at the hands of Namco Bandai with their NEW-ish series Xenosaga/Blade.) it could’ve been as popular as final fantasy! square/soft enix really needs to go back to their roots as their ideas for future games are running dry and ruining their credibility as the most renowned game developer in RPG history.

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