Valkyrie Profile (USA) PSP Eboot

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Game Name Valkyrie Profile
Console PSP Eboots
Game Release (23 years ago)
Publisher Enix Corporation, Tri-Ace
Languages , ,
Image Format EBOOT.PBP
Game ID SLUS-01156, SLUS-01179
Downloads 20,110
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Valkyrie Profile is a RPG video game published by Enix Corporation, Tri-Ace released on August 29th, 2000 for the Sony PlayStation (PSX).

05 April 2022 - Fixed eboot released by the_Ho added.
Fixes crash/black screen at the bug at the beginning of the game where Lenneth says "How Nostalgic..." and several other crashes, seriously this game did not want to be reproduced on a PSP at all..
Now the game is playable on PSP consoles and VITA using adrenaline. No POPSloader required.

There's one last crash that can be bypassed with a workaround:

  • When arriving in Hai-Lan in the mermaid Yumei scene the game will crash. To bypass this save before entering, restart and switch to CD3, enter Hai-lan, watch the scene, save to WolrdMap, and return to play on CD1.
  • The Spanish/Portuguese versions have 2 CD's. You have to do the same thing as above but instead of switching to CD3 you switch to CD2.

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