Time Gal & Ninja Hayate (Japan) PSP Eboot

Time Gal & Ninja Hayate
Game Name:Time Gal & Ninja Hayate
Release Date:1996-07-05
Publisher:Taito Corporation
Game ID:SLPS-00383, SLPS-00384
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Time Gal & Ninja Hayate is a Adventure video game published by Taito Corporation released on July 5, 1996 for the Sony PlayStation (PSX).

Uploader notes: No matter how hard i looked i couldn’t find an eboot of this game, so i made them myself. These games are rare!
You can download and play each separately, no need one disc to play the other. But i Strongly recommend you start with Ninja Hayate, because the reaction time is more at a “Human level”, for Time Gal you need to be either super fast or know the pattern and even there it’s not guaranteed you’ll succeed, These two were considered “quarter munchers” on arcade times. Also note that for Ninja Hayate you need to go to options and select to show the arrows, because it doesn’t by default, unlike Time Gal.

Controls are:
Select: Insert Coin
Start: Start (du’h)
Arrows for directions: When it shows diagonals like “up/left” it’s either up or left (you have to guess!)
If it shows more than one arrow you have to choose one.
When it asks to press a button it’s Circle. ALWAYS.
Tested on a PSP 3000 with PRO-C Custom Firmware, i cannot guarantee this will work on any other CFW.
To play this on a PC get ePSXe Emulator from the Emulators Menu.
Have Fun! Nico.

How to play on PSP:

Copy the folder containing the EBOOT.PBP to \PSP\GAME\, note that each eboot needs to be "in a folder", else they'll show up as corrupted data.

Example Path: X:\PSP\GAME\SLPS-00383\EBOOT.PBP

Recommended Emulator:

Some "PSX2PSP" eboots can be emulated on PC with ePSXe emulator.


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Time Gal & Ninja Hayate (Japan) PSP Eboot Download