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Rival Schools Evolution + Arcade Disc is a Fighting video game published by Capcom released on September 30, 1998 for the Sony PlayStation (PSX).

The evolution disc was supposed to be super cool disc! It would have a “dating sim” like mode where you could create your own student and go through a school year, interacting with students of different schools and get to know a bit of the backstory of the characters, also develop fighting techniques, when the school year was finished the custom character could be saved and used on the various modes that disc include. But Capcom decided it was too much work to translate it and completely removed this mode from the USA version. Terrible decision Capcom! This is what they left us with:

  • 1P Game: Regular 1 player mode where you select 2 characters.
  • Versus: 1 vs 1 fight against a 2nd player.
  • Tournament: An 8 characters tournament.
  • Cooperate: 2 players cooperate to defeat the opponents, up to 4 players can fight at same time.
  • League: Choose 2 to 6 characters to fight in a league. (2 players needed)
  • Group: Select 2 to 4 characters to fight in a group battle. (2 players needed)


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